Daniel Bartollo & Ivan Vassalo  




 2007 - 2012  

Kontroll is a band put together by fish, rekindling the punk spirit that was still alive on the island back then but with something more modern and alternative :-. 

While he was performing and touring the island with this band, Fish was a highly wanted artist for both his drumming and percussionist performance with Live DJ's, but as he was learning and experimenting with electronic music and released both Electric Fish and  Music From The Heart.


This is when Earth also came together, composed of Fish - Ivan Vassallo - Daniel Bartolo - Katy Goodman - Pierre Caruana, creating an alternative and psychedelic rock live performance with the members of this band. 

3 albums where released, with the last one being a live mix of the music from both Earth & Kontroll.  


This Album is For Musical Anarchy